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Businesses in Inyo and Mono counties can call Inyo Technical Services for a broad range of computer consulting services at reasonable prices. We will provide prompt, fast, and affordable service for your Windows or Linux desktop and server computers as well as your network infrastructure. Call Inyo Technical Services today for a free consultation.


Reliable, secure, low cost, these are the main reasons why so many businesses today are moving to the Linux platform for their important data processing needs. The great reliability that Linux provides is appealing to all computer users. For many, the only thing slowing down the integration of Linux into their shops is the availability of good, reliable technical support. Now, you can find that at Inyo Technical Services.


Today's mainstay of the desktop computing world, everyone uses Windows. Unfortunately, not everyone can fix Windows when it breaks. When you call Inyo Technical Services for help you can be assured that you are getting a competent trained Microsoft Certified Professional to work on your systems. For help with networking, software installation, troubleshooting, or maintenance call us today.
Many businesses want the best of both worlds. They appreciate the ease of use and familiarity provided by Microsoft Windows applications on their desktop systems. They also depend on the reliability and security provided by Linux in their back office server infrastructure. Inyo Technical Services can install, configure, troubleshoot, and maintain both Windows desktop and server as well as all of the most popular Linux distributions.
Call for a free consultation and ask how integrating both Linux and Windows can help your business.

Software Development

If you have special needs that just aren't being met with any available software, call us and let Inyo Technical Services build a customized software solution for you. Inyo Technical Services does not outsource software engineering work so you can maintain direct contact with the engineer working on your project.
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